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Glass Extensions

Our glass extensions are supplied by Ultraframe!

Performance Glass Extension

A true extension, designed to be able to meet current building regulations without connecting doors between the house and the extension. Performance glass combined with masonry piers or super insulated columns gives the feeling of solidity plus the thermal performance required for an extension, while the glass roof gives the light and feeling of space to deliver the real ‘wow’ factor.

Features & Benefits

  • This is the first step to a true extension – with a minimum of 8 super insulated columns, it’s a very thermally efficient glass roofed building.
  • Providing structural support to the glass roof, the super insulated columns can be specified as large or small and with either plane or fluted claddings.
  • Combine this with one of four standard colours (or an infinite custom palette) and you have a truly amazing personalised space.
  • And by integrating stunning hard landscaping to integrate with the super insulated columns base details, a stunning extension is created.